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Signature Bail Bonds offers Cash Discounts of 20% or More for all Claremore Bail Bonds over $10,000 with qualifying cosigners when the full fee is paid at the time bond is posted. Or when money is tight, choose Simple 0% Bail Bond Financing.

Call one of our friendly bail agents for your cash discount or simple no interest bail bond financing. 918-794-5886

Claremore Bail Bonds | Signature Bail Bonds by Joe Smith

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Signature Bail Bonds of Claremore
Signature Bail Bonds of Claremore
Signature Bail Bonds of Claremore

Signature Bail Bonds of Claremore is always here to help.

We understand what you are going through, and we’ve helped people who have been in similar situations plenty of times before. Trust in the experience and dedication offered by our Claremore bail bondsman, Joe Smith. With care and compassion, we will walk you through the process.  Your loved one should be able to present a proper defense. This is hard to do behind bars. We’ll explain everything you need to do and make the experience as quick and as painless as possible. Get in touch with us at Signature Bail Bonds of Claremore today so we can get started and get your life back to normal.

Let us help with your Claremore bail bond.

Signature Bail Bonds offers cash payment discounts of 20% or More for Claremore Bail Bonds over $10,000 with qualifying cosigners. Call for your discount from Signature Bail Bonds of Claremore, Oklahoma. FAST & FRIENDLY Claremore Bail Bonds with SIMPLE RATES and FAST PROCESSING.

Claremore Bail Bond, Courthouse & Jail Information

Jail & Courthouse Locations
Rogers County Jail: 201 S Lynn Riggs Blvd, Claremore, OK 74017 Visit the sheriff’s office website to view current inmate roster at the County Jail.

County Courthouse: 200 S Lynn Riggs Blvd, Claremore, OK 74017

Claremore Municipal Court Information: The City of Claremore Municipal Court is held every Thursday afternoon at 4 o’clock at City Hall. Claremore Municipal Court is located at 104 South Muskogee. Check your ticket for your court date and time. If you have any questions, please call the Municipal Court Clerk at 918-341-1325.

Simple Fee Schedule For Claremore Bail:
Wondering how much you’ll pay for bail in Claremore? We’ve made it super simple.

Small Bonds $1000 or Less:  $100 Flat Fee.

Average Bonds $1000-$5000:  10% Flat Fee.

Larger Bonds Over $5000:  Qualify For 20% Discount.

With Signature Bail Bonds of Claremore, you’ll NEVER pay extra fees or finance charges. (*As long as you GO TO COURT sucka!!!)

Other Locations We Serve:
Signature Bail Bonds has an office open 24 HOURS  in downtown Tulsa serving:

  • Tulsa (David L. Moss)
  • Owasso Municipal Jail
  • Jenks Municipal Jail
  • Bixby Municipal Jail
  • Glenpool Municipal Jail
  • Sand Springs Municipal Jail

We also have offices in:

  • Creek County (Bristow, Drumright & Sapulpa)
  • Okie Bail Bonds of Muskogee
  • Payne County (Stillwater)

If we don’t have someone available to help, we can help you find someone who can. Signature Bail Bonds wants to help!

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Easy Bail Bond Financing Available

Signature Bail Bonds of Claremore offers financing options for bonds over $10,000 with low down payments and terms negotiable to fit your financial needs. Call 918-794-5886 for a down payment quote. We want to help!

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